A Brief History

Many students have read these style of books through either the Goosebumps series by R.L. Stine, in which the reader is the narrator avoiding some monster or strange situation, or through the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series by the publisher Bantam Books (now overseen by Chooseco), in which a reader jumps from page to page, depending on the choices of the character.

The value of these kinds of narratives, for the reader, is that one can read the same book multiple times and come up with a different story any number of times due to the combination of story narratives. These stories become like puzzles that need to be solved, and even graphic novels are starting to get into the picture. Most of these stories are also written in the tricky “second person narrative” so that the reader is the narrator or the main character. This narrative technique is designed to invest the reader in the events as they unfold.

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